WeCare.  provides person-centered and outcome focused housing related support to young people aged 16 to 25 including looked after children, care leavers and young people under the care of the Youth Offending Team.

“Preparing young people for independent living helping them gain skills & confidence in a safe environment”.

“We understand the difficulties many individuals face and provide the opportunity for growth and change in any circumstance. We aim for young people to transition into adulthood, with goals, aims and additional support networks that will lead to a fulfilling and purposeful life”

We deliver accommodation and support  which aims to increase independence skills and promote engagement with education and employment through flexible support packages.

We offer a range of accommodation models in various settings providing accommodation based, personalized and outcome focused support that enables young people to;

  • become more independent;
  • avoid eviction and repeat homelessness;
  • encourage engagement in employment, education or training;
  • encourage move on to a less intensive housing related support service or permanent, independent accommodation when appropriate;
  • improve the joint working of stakeholders in identifying the most appropriate housing response

WeCare.  aims to help young people reach independence with the necessary skills to achieve their full potential and all work with young people will be based on the principles of the Every Child Matters Consultation outcomes:

o Being healthy

o Staying safe

o Enjoying and achieving

o Making a positive contribution

o Economic well being

Through an agreed Pathway programme we will aim to:

o Encourage young people to act as responsible members of their community.

o Build positive relationships.

o Look after their health needs

o Provide advice on diet and healthy living.

o Provide a secure and comfortable environment.

o Enhance their quality of life by encouraging them to seek employment, training

or education.

o Increase their self esteem and confidence by combating loneliness and

encouraging community involvement and the constructive use of leisure time.

o Help young people to budget on low incomes.

o Act as an advocate when required.

What WeCare offers?

A three tier approach has been devised that offers three levels of support dependent on the needs of the young people. The highest level is for young people with complex problems and a need for more intensive support, with services reducing dependent upon need and assessment. Given regular monitoring as part of the service it is hoped that the higher level package can be reduced as soon as a risk assessment indicates it is safe and appropriate to do so.

o WeCare will locate suitable accommodation.

o The accommodation costs are included in the fee.

o LA Approved Accommodation Status (all staff will have enhanced DBS checks)

If you would like more details or would like to make a referral please CONTACT US.