Our concept is an inclusive approach to provide young people with a supported housing together with a comprehensive range of wrap around facilities and services. The services will be holistic and centred around each young person’s needs, lifestyle and aspirations.

Our supported and semi-independent support services place great emphasis on the positive aspects of group living as a tool to facilitate change and develop whenever possible. Each young person is involved in the planning of his/her own support service and their independent living plan.

Our success is based on; consistency, structure, discipline and experienced staff who have brought about positive change for many young people through a high level of ownership, support and skill.

WeCare. has excellent working relationships throughout the criminal justice system, voluntary and community sector as well as with local authorities.

Programmes include the following:

  • Therapeutic intervention
  • Basic home maintenance – Use of electricity, gas water etc
  • Healthy living – how to keep fit and healthy, including exercise and diet, provided as a part of move & mentor
  • Money matters – Paying bills, budgeting, saving
  • Buying and preparing a healthy diet, provided on out Let’s Eat programme
  • Dealing with emergencies – basic first aid, power cuts, leaks, fire etc.
  • Accessing services – benefits, job centres, education etc.
  • Education – accessing courses and training, support with maintaining and succeeding
  • Social skills – how to interact respectfully and positively with those around you
  • Self-esteem – how to feel positive about yourself and your future
  • Managing relationships, including family, friends, work, college
  • Sexual health and contraception
  • Alcohol and drugs awareness
  • Current affairs – taking an interest in your community and issues that affect you
  • Jobs – looking for a job, interview techniques, CVs, pay, rights

All progress is recorded and monitored, and will be included in the young person’s report, with a view to demonstrate their progress towards independence.

Whilst our staff team have a wealth of experience and skills, we also recognise that some topics require specialist input from outside agencies, so we can organise courses for our young people to attend, for example, Fire Awareness or First Aid training.

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