WeCare. supports people who have experienced or at risk of homelessness. Within our services, we can also accommodate those who also experience a range of complex needs and require support to enable them to sustain their accommodation.

This service operates on the basis that with the right support, everyone can play a positive part in their communities and live fulfilling lives.

Our passion and focus is on connection, independence and growth. So whilst we excel at the provision of supported accommodation, this is only a piece of service we offer. Together with activities, training and a commitment to supporting individuals live a more empowered life, we foster the approach of anything is possible.

We created improved health and wellbeing for all of our residents. This include supporting vulnerable people to develop and maintain the necessary life skills; exercise health and wellbeing choices to enable them to secure settled accommodation, and to lead independent lives to their full potential and engage socially as members of their local community.

A key priority is enabling the seamless coordination between housing related support, primary care, acute care services and external community support services to ensure effective bespoke ‘wrap around’ services to meet the needs of service users.

Who do we support? 

WeCare. work with a variety of people with varying needs and requirements, including:

  • Vulnerable individuals generally aged 18 and over.
  • Homeless people (including those with a history of sleeping rough)
  • Persons likely to have a history of substance misuse.
  • Those with low-level mental health problems and or complex and multiple needs or a learning disability. People with complex needs may have a diagnosis or undiagnosed indicator of schizophrenia, bi-polar disorders, depression and personality disorders.
  • People leaving prison or who have an offending history.

WeCare. carry out the initial assessment of need in the individual’s current home or a mutually agreed and appropriate venue where the individual is already homeless; unless a risk has been identified in doing this, or if the individual is in institutional care (i.e. hospital, prison).

The initial assessment of need will identify and record the service users’ needs, including those which arise from specific ethnic, religious, cultural, gender, sexuality, disability or age requirements.


WeCare. has been created around the central vision that everybody who we support in our accommodation has the potential to live a fulfilled life with independence, growth and connection. The services we create & provide reflect our commitment to supporting all of our residents.

We provide holistic advice and support to enable service users to address a range of support needs including:

  • Budgeting bill payment and money management.
  • Managing welfare benefit claims.
  • Accessing Personal Independence Payments or related benefits and ensuring these are used to purchase the relevant support.
  • Ensuring health and safety in the home.
  • Access to community support and health services to improve their overall health and wellbeing.
  • Engaging with community support services to reduce social isolation.
  • Support to resolve housing-related problems e.g. rent areas, neighbor disputes etc.
  • Access to education, volunteering, employment and training.
  • Viewing prospective properties, moving and setting up home.
  • Organizing about utility services and organising payment methods.
  • Development of effective communication, social and interpersonal skills.

In addition, we create regular events to develop a sense of community.

WeCare. provide Supported Emergency Accommodation on behalf of Croydon Council.